Banking Services in Throrold Ontario

Account Services

Personal Chequing Account

Our PCA account is our straight forward chequing account. No minimum balance requirements and no maintenance fees.
  • Auto Transfers FREE. (within branch)
  • ATM Withdrawal FREE at TCU or Exchange machine.*
  • Statements Free with MemberDirect┬« online access.
  • Copies of cancelled cheques are included with monthly statements free of charge.

Account Fees
  • Cheques - $ .60 / cheque
  • Pre-Authorized Debit - $ .60 / debit
  • Point of Sale - $ .25 / transaction
  • Bill Payments - $1 .25 / transaction
* fee levied for non C.U. or Exchange ATM withdrawals.

Savings Accounts

Plan 24 is a savings account designed to earn interest generally on short-term basis. Interest is calculated every twenty-four hours on the closing account balance, and credited to the account at the end of every month.
  • There are no service charges levied for personal deposits, withdraws*, or transfers to other TCU accounts.
  • There are no minimum deposit requirements with a Plan 24 account and deposits may be made anytime.
  • May be accessed through the ATM for the purpose of deposits, withdraws, transfers and balance inquiries.
  • Free passbook and updates
* fee levied for non C.U. or Exchange ATM withdrawals.

Premium Savings Account

The premium savings account offers a preferred higher savings rate of interest.
  • Statements Free with MemberDirect┬« online access.
  • One free debit per month.
* fee levied for non C.U. or Exchange ATM withdrawals.

Senior Banking Services

Members of 60 Years of age and over are entitled to the following privileges:
  • No charge for money orders and official cheques.
  • No commission payment on the purchase of American Express travellers cheques
  • No clearing service charges on Personal Chequing Accounts
  • No Charges for Automated Teller Machine usage. (C.U. or Exchange ATM's)*
  • Safe deposit boxes are 1/2 the regular annual fee.
You are encouraged to notify the Credit Union upon attaining your 60th birthday. This will ensure that you begin receiving these special benefits to which you are entitled.

U.S. Dollar Accounts

This account is for those members who like to keep US cash available for when they need it. All the funds and transactions are in US dollar amounts.
  • Interest paid quarterly, calculated on minimum monthly balance.
  • Passbook account for ease of bookkeeping.

Investing with Thorlold Community Credit Union
Your financial freedom begins by defining your immediate goals as well as your long-term goals. By understanding your priorities, our financial experts will have a clear vision to personalize your road to financial freedom.

You can now access an even larger selection of convient account services. Our financial experts can help you compare and choose the best option to suit your needs.
Borrowing with Thorold Community Credit Union
Whether you're dreaming about that perfect new home, the vacation spent at a villa in Tuscany, or the thrill of conquering the wide-openroad in your new RV, come and talk to us first.
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